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Re: StealthOS..Suse 11.4

Cowboy wrote:This is what it is all about, helping others...a feeling of doing something good for another, can not be taken away.
I know most have gotten that feeling, help another fix there system..and in turn that other person helps another.
That is why I like the Linux comunity, God knows we are not making money, but the friendship that develops between us all.
One really can't put into words...


Hi Cowboy, Really like the look of your distro...having a little trouble getting the live image to load...used my normal method via Unetbootin...returns a result of 'can't find operating system' ...so tried burning the iso to disc....managed to get a bit further with this ....loads as far as listing the boot options ...but with no means of selecting 'Stealth_XG' ...system then hangs....any help would be appreciated ....system detail below

Acer Aspire 5738Z Laptop
Pentium T4200 2.0ghz, 800 mhz FSB
Intel GMA 4500M up to 1244MB
4gb DDR3 RAM
320gb Hard Drive

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Silverman (from oz unity forum)

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